Web Designing training In Jodhpur

Web Designing training In Jodhpur is the ideal choice for those students and individuals who love to create beautiful & innovative websites and have very keen interests to work as the professional website designer in reputed IT companies across India. Our website designing training is designed for students and professionals keeping in mind the current industry and technological requirements. In the current digital era all companies need their websites to reach their prospective customers online. With more and more internet penetration and increasing number of smart phone users digital marketing is going to be the future and websites are the windows for businesses from where they can communicate with their online consumers and clients. So the demand of web designing are increasing day by day and almost all web designing companies hire professional and trained website designers for creating nice and interactive websites for their clients. Eventually the job market for web designers is very attractive and lucrative. But web designing is not always about doing a job in a company, the freelancing and earning opportunities are endless in this field. A properly trained web designer can work as an independent freelancer and can earn a good amount of money even without being employed.

Website designing does not require any particular educational background or any prerequisite skills. Only the person who intends to take the web design training should have a creative mind that loves colors, innovations and thinks out of the box. If you are one of them who have zeal about doing something creative and innovative and want to build your career in IT industry then this is one of the best training for you.

We, at Techfly each of our students with individual care on the modern web designing methodologies and our web design course  includes training from the very fundamentals of web designing to the advanced mobile friendly & responsive website designing .



Design Software : Design Application Software For photo Editing (Photoshop, firework, iulltrator)
HTML5 , CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery – Style Web Pages From Jpg or PSD file
Note: we are Using Notepad++, Or open source Text editor for design Page



FTP Management

  • Understanding FTP
  • Setting up FTP Server (Live)
  • Uploading and downloading FTP contents
  • Summary


  • Deploying application on Web Server
  • Summary

Live Project

  • Preparing HTML from Design
  • Hosting on Live Server
  • Summary