Bootstrap Training Jodhpur
Bootstrap Training

Bootstrap Traning Jodhpur

Techfly Provided Bootstrap Training in Jodhpur. Bootstrap is a free and open-source front-end framework for designing websites and web applications. It contains HTML– and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. Bootstrap training is  most  important for design responsive website. if your Interested with bootstrap coaching and training must try demo classes in Techfly IT Solution Jodhpur .    

Objectives of the Bootstrap Course

  •  Built-in Support for layout, grids, fluid grids, and responsive designs.
  •  Pre-built CSS: Contains global CSS classes for typography, tables, grids, forms, buttons, images,
    and more
  •  Components: Contains lots of reusable components including Icons, Dropdowns, Navbars,
    Breadcrumbs, Popovers, Alerts, and many more.
  •  JavaScript Plug-ins: Contains lots of custom jQuery plug-ins. You can include them all or one by
  •  Customization Components: We can customize Bootstrap’s components with LESS variables and
    jQuery plug-ins to create our own version.

 what you need to know before learning Bootstrap

       1. First of all, Bootstrap is the most popular framework for creating layouts. Here are some additional reasons to use Bootstrap:

  • Bootstrap’s responsive CSS adjusts to phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Mobile-first styles are part of the framework
  • Bootstrap is compatible with all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera)

       2Bootstrap has a big community and friendly support. For resources visit:

  • Check out the Bootstrap Blog.
  • You can chat with Bootstrap with IRC in the server, in the ##bootstrap channel.
  • Have a look at what people are doing with Bootstrap at the Bootstrap Expo.

      3 .Bootstrap is easy to set up and create a working layout in less than an hour

      4.You don’t need to know HTML and CSS well to use bootstrap, it’s a plus if you’re a backend developer and need to do some UI changes.

Bootstrap Course Content

Module 1:-Introduction to Bootstrap:-

In this module, you will learn about Bootstrap Introduction, how to design web page look and feel good
by using Bootstrap and the basics of Bootstrap Framework using which you can create web projects
with ease that

  • What is Bootstrap Framework
  •  Why Bootstrap
  • History of Bootstrap
  • Advantages of Bootstrap Framework
  •  What is Responsive web page
  •  How to remove Responsiveness
  •  Major Features of Bootstrap
  •  What is Mobile-First Strategy
  •  Setting up Environment
  •  How to apply Bootstrap to Applications

Module 2:- Bootstrap Grid

In this chapter, you will learn about the Bootstrap Grids in web design organised and structure content,
makes the websites easy to scan and reduces the cognitive load on users. How to create page layouts
through a series of rows and columns that house your content and how the Bootstrap grid system works

  • What is Bootstrap Grid
  •  How to apply Bootstrap Grid
  •  What is Container
  •  What is Offset Column
  •  How to Reordering Columns
  •  Advantages of Bootstrap Grid
  •  How to Display responsive Images
  •  How to change class properties
  •  How to use readymade themes
  •  How to customize Bootstrap’s components, Less variables, and jQuery plug-in.
  •  What is Bootstrap Typography
  •  How to use Typography
  •  What is Bootstrap Tables
  •  What is Bootstrap Form Layout
  •  What is Bootstrap Button
  •  How display images in different styles like Circle shape etc
  •  How to display text like muted and warning etc
  •  What is Carets Classes
  •  How to hide or show the text in Bootstrap

Module 3:- Bootstrap Components

In this module, you will get knowledge on over a dozen reusable components built to provide
iconography, dropdowns, input groups, navigation, alerts, and much more. Advantages of button groups
and toolbars and how to use that- 

  • What is Bootstrap Components 
  •  Why Bootstrap Components 
  •  Advantages of Bootstrap Components
  • What are the different types of Bootstrap Components
  •  What is Glyphicons Component
  •  What is Bootstrap Dropdown Menu Component
  •  What is Button Groups and Button Toolbar
  •  What are different Input Groups Components
  •  What is Navigation Pills & Tabs Components
  •  What is Navbar Component
  •  How to build a Responsive Navbar
  •  How to Add Forms and other controls to Navbar
  •  How to Fix the position of navbar
  •  What is Breadcrumb Component
  •  What is Pagination Component
  •  How to apply Pagination in Application
  •  What is Labels / Badge Components
  •  What is Jumbotron / Page Header Components
  •  What is Thumbnail Component
  •  What is Alerts & Dismissible Alerts
  •  How to Create Progress Bar
  •  What is Media Objects Component
  •  Why Media Objects Component
  •  How to use Media Objects Component
  •  What is Bootstrap List Group Component
  •  What is Bootstrap Panel Component

Module 4:- Bootstrap Plug-Ins

In this chapter, you will learn jQuery plug-ins that extend the features and can add more interaction to
your site. How to access bootstrap Plug-Ins, how to use Bootstrap plug-ins with other UI frameworks
and how to define custom events for most plug-ins unique actions that

  • What is Bootstrap Plug-Ins.
  • Why Bootstrap Plug-Ins
  •  How to use Bootstrap Plug-Ins
  •  What is Transition Plug-in
  •  What Modal Dialog Box
  •  What are the different Properties, Methods and Events of Model Dialog Box
  •  What is Scrollspy Plug-In
  •  What is Tab Plug-in
  •  How to use Tab Plug-in
  •  What is Drop Down Plug-in
  •  What is Tooltip Plug-in
  •  How to use Button Plug-in
  •  What are the different methods and events of Tooltip Plug-in
  •  What is Popover Plug-in
  •  What is alert and Button Plug-ins
  •  What is Collapse Plug-in
  •  What are different types of Properties, Methods and Events of Collapse Plug-in
  •  What is Carousel Plug-in
  •  What is Affix Plug-in