PHP Training :-

PHP Training in Jodhpur provide by Techfly. PHP is Versatile Programming Language, It will helpful for those who are willingly to learn PHP with live projects. Over the past many years PHP holds the maximum web market, other web technologies like JSP, ASP, PERL, Python, Ruby also capture the web market but they all  far from PHP.

PHP full form is hypertext preprocesser. PHP is server side programming  language,PHP coding create in any server,we are using Apache for PHP,PHP is a open source language which helps us to use in very low costs.

Basic Web languages like HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, Ajax knowledge must important before learning PHP.

Advantages of PHP:-

1.Open Source :- PHP is open source, Everyone has free access to the source code and can use it for their own project development.

2. Independent Platform:- PHP can run on all operating systems  like Linux,Mac OS and UNIX, Windows.

3. Support All Servers:- PHP supports all major web servers & Database like MySQL, d Base, IBM DB2, Inter Base, Front Base, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

4. Customized & Dynamic:- PHP can be easily customized and it can be access inside HTML Codes also.we can create a set of library classes for function,which could help for easy and smart coding.

5.Fast & Flexible :- Php Codes Processing speed is fast and web applications like E-commerce, CRM, CMS and Forums are also developed faster by it.



PHP Syllabus:-

Students attending this PHP training course should have experience developing applications with PHP, as well as using SQL to interface with a database.

Core PHP

1. Introduction to PHP:-

Evaluation of Php
Basic Syntax
Defining variable and constant
Php Data type
Operator and Expression

2. Handling Html Form With Php:-

Capturing Form Data
Dealing with Multi-value filed
Generating File uploaded form
Redirecting a form after submission

3.Decisions and loop:-

Making Decisions
Doing Repetitive task with looping
Mixing Decisions and looping with Html

4 Function:-

What is a function
Define a function
Call by value and Call by reference
Recursive function

5. String:

Creating and accessing String
Searching & Replacing String
Formatting String
String Related Library function

6. Array:-

Anatomy of an Array

Creating index based and Associative array

Accessing array Element

Looping with Index based array

Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()

Some useful Library function

7. Working with file and Directories:

Understanding file& directory

Opening and closing a file

Coping ,renaming and deleting a file

Working with directories

Building a text editor

File Uploading & Downloading

8. State management:-

Using query string(URL rewriting)

Using Hidden field

Using cookies

Using session

9.String matching with regular expression:-

What is regular expression
Pattern matching in Php
Replacing text
Splitting a string with a Regular Expression

10. Generating Images with PHP:-

Basics of computer Graphics
Creating Image
Manipulating Image
Using text in Image

11.Database Connectivity with MySql:-

Introduction to RDBMS
Connection with MySql Database
Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
Setting query parameter
Executing query
Join (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)