PHP OOPs Training :-

PHP OOPs starts there life with PHP 4, and OOPs decent object model with PHP5. PHP OOPs is destined to complete the object oriented model.\

In this class we will explore the essential principles of object oriented programming (OOP) with PHP. Our goal is to define how object oriented programming is works,

(OOP’s)Object-Oriented Programming Features in PHP 5.0

  1. Abstraction: The process of extracting the properties and behavior of real world objects and representing them in software.
  2. Encapsulation: Combining data and methods as one entity. There is a corollary concept information hiding where one hides the data from the user but expose the behavior of objects.
  3. Inheritance: Simulate the real world ordering of objects. Group shared properties and behaviors into one class that other classes can inherit from.
  4. Polymorphous: Ability to use or replace objects of one type (class) with another.PHP OOPs

PHP OOPs Syllabus:-

Introduction to OOPS:-
2. Objects
3. Declaring a class
4. The new keyword and constructor
5. Destructor
6. Access method and properties using $this variable
7. Public ,private, protected properties and methods
8. Static properties and method
9. Class constant
10. Inheritance & code re-usability
11. Polymorphous
12. Parent:: & self:: keyword
13. Instance of operator
14. Abstract method and class

16. Final Project with PHP OOPs