Adobe Premiere Pro Course

Adobe Premier Pro is faster becoming the industry standard software for video editing both in businesses and in post-production houses because of its flexibility, cross platform compatibility, and intuitive designs.Techfly is the best Institute for Adobe premiere pro course Jodhpur. Where you find the actual atmosphere and well-behaved faculty. We are  running Adobe Premiere Pro course for a long time at low cost. This in-depth course will prepare beginners to become proficient in its use.

The course will wrap up the video editing process from start to end using Adobe Premier Pro.

Through instructor led presentations and exercises you will learn how to edit a short promotional video or film using a variety of media, adding up video effects and titles and finally exporting your finished video. All media will be provided, although you are also welcome to get your own videos, stills, etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro Course Jodhpur

Techfly is a leading Graphics and Animation Institute in Jodhpur. Although Adobe Premiere Course with Techfly is autonomous certification course but students can be certified as Adobe Certified Associate in Adobe Premier CC. Our Training session is imparted by industry professionals having years of experience. Take the Adobe Premiere Pro course with Techfly today as part of a your aspiration to be become a successful Video Editor.

The Adobe Premiere Pro Course teaches the Students how to make edit footages for film and Television.  Techfly is only the Institutes of Adobe Premier Pro course Jodhpur which offers you full course at a reasonable cost.  We provide high-quality learning courses like Adobe Premier Pro, RSCIT, CCC, M.S. office etc. 

We provide specialized Training in Adobe Premiere Pro application. Students would equip themselves with intense video production techniques. They’ll make you aware about premium combination of audio, video & still images, timelines, how to assemble video clips, how to control sequences & optimizing them using transitions, fading and combining multiple audio tracks etc.

Duration : 
1.5 Months.


Career Options: 

A good video editor opts following position

Video Editors, Motion Graphics Artists, Presentation Specialist, Visual Designer, Animation Artist, Digital Animator, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Artist, Video Producer.


Syllabus Adobe premiere pro course Jodhpur

Overview of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Workspace
  • Expanding the workflow
  • Adobe Premiere Pro interface
  • Customizing your workspace
  • Nonlinear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Selecting up a Project

  • Project Settings
  • Video rendering and playback settings
  • Video and audio display settings
  • Capture format settings
  • Creating scratch disks
  • Setting up a sequence
  • Using sequence presets
  • Customizing sequence settings

Importing Footage

  • Supported file formats
  • Importing audio files
  • Importing video files
  • Importing still images
  • Capturing from videotape 

Importing Photoshop and After Effects files

  • Importing sequences of Adobe Photoshop files
  • Re-creating the lower-third animation
  • Using Dynamic Link with After Effects
  • Importing a file from Adobe After Effects
  • Import animating lower third
  • Editing an existing dynamically linked animation
  • Replacing a clip with an After Effects composition

Organizing Media

  • The Project panel
  • Working with bins
  • Monitoring footage
  • Modifying clips

Essentials of Video Editing

  • Using the Source Monitor
  • Working with clips in the Source monitor
  • Creating sequences
  • Understanding tracks
  • Navigating the Timeline
  • Essential editing commands

Working with clips and markers

  • Comparing the Programs Monitor to Source Monitor
  • Using markers
  • Applying sync locks and track locks
  • Selecting items in a sequence
  • Moving clips in a sequence
  • Removing clips from a sequence

Adding Transitions

  • Understanding transitions
  • Understanding edit points and handles
  • Adding video transitions
  • Modifying transitions
  • Fine-tuning transitions
  • Applying transitions to multiple clips at once
  • Using audio transitions

Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Changing the speed or duration
  • Replacing the clip in your Timeline with a new shot
  • Replacing footage in a project
  • Creating a nested sequence
  • basic trimming on media to refine edits
  • clip and slide edits to refine clips position

Clips in Motion

  • Adjusting the Motion effect
  • Changing clip position, size, and rotation
  • Working with keyframe interpolation
  • Using other motion-related effects

Multi-camera Editing

  • Multicamera process
  • Creating a multicamera sequence
  • Switching multiple cameras
  • Finalizing multicamera editing 

Editing and Mixing Audio

  • Working in the Audio workspace
  • Adjusting clip audio volume
  • Adjusting audio gain
  • Creating a split edit
  • Adjusting audio levels in a sequence
  • Using the Audio Mixer

Adding Video Effects

  • Working with effects
  • Browsing effects with the Effects Browser
  • Applying and removing effects
  • Using effects presets
  • Using keyframing effects
  • Frequently used effects

Color Correction and Grading

  • Working in the Color Correction workspace
  • Using vector scopes and waveforms
  • Using color correction effects
  • Fixing exposure
  • Color balance problems
  • Working with special effects

Exploring Compositing Techniques

  • Using the alpha channel
  • Compositing techniques
  • Working with opacity
  • Working with a greenscreen
  • Using mattes

 Graphics, Titles, and Motion Graphics

  • Using the Titler window
  • Use of Type Tools and shapes Tools
  • Use of Essentials Graphics
  • Working with shapes and logos
  • Working with templates

Managing your Projects

  • Using the Project Manager
  • Final project management steps
  • Importing projects or sequences
  • Managing your hard drives

Exporting Frames, Clips, and Sequences

  • Exporting single frames
  • Exporting movie,
  • Exporting image sequence
  • Exporting audio files
  • Exporting a master copy
  • Exporting to Final Cut Pro
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder