JSP Training:-

JSP Training in Jodhpur is very demanding tool & their task is to create Web Application JSP is Java Server Pages,which is used to create for web applications, JSP is a server-side programming technology,JSP is a part of Advance Java & it is opposite from servlet because JSP adds Java code inside HTML while servlet adds HTML code inside Java code & everything remains same in JSP & Servlet.

JSP enables the creation of dynamic & independent web applications.JSP have access to the entire family of Java APIs & JDBC API. JSP enables us to write HTML pages containing tags that run powerful Java programs.

Advantages of JSP:-

1.Easy to Access & maintain.

2.JSP comparatively easy to Servlet because JSP adds Java code in HTML.

3.JSP works on higher  performance,dynamic & independent web application creator.

4.Java API’s and JDBC APIs accessible in JSP.

5.HTML pages containing tags that run powerful Java programs.

JSP (Java Server Pages) Syllabus:-

  1. Basics of JSP

  2. Life cycle of JSP

  3. JSP API

  4. scripting elements

  5. script let tag

  6. expression tag

  7. declaration tag

  8. Implicit Objects

  9. Directive Elements

  10. Exception Handling

  11. Error Pages

  12. Action Elements

  13. Beans in JSP

  14. Displaying applet in JSP

  15. Expression Language

  16. MVC in JSP

  17. Custom tags