AutoCAD Training


AutoCAD is a computer aided design or CAD program used by peoples in the design and documentation fields. This software can mostly be used to create 2D drawings and diagrams or can be the basis of powerful 3D visualisations. It’s drawing formats (dwg and dxf) are now standards of the industries for the exchange of electronic drawings, between professionals and regulatory bodies.

it is hugely used across a large number of industries including, architectures, interior designs, shop fit-outs, constructions, engineering, landscape designs, product designs and manufactures, naval and aeronautical designs, piping and cabling etc. Anyone who needs to produce, accurate plans and sections of a design, can utilize AutoCAD for this purpose. AutoCAD Training in Jodhpur is the best customized to cater student’s need.

Techfly is the best for AutoCAD Training center In Jodhpur. Where you find out the actual atmosphere and well-behaved faculty. We are  running AutoCAD course for a long time at low cost. AutoCAD is the most powerful & the most popular as AUTOMATIC COMPUTER AIDED Drafting Program.

AutoCAD Training Jodhpur

Create astonishing 2D and 3D models using the mostly used modelling software, AutoCAD. It is computer software mainly used for designing buildings, products, or public spaces. Our AutoCAD course helps architects, interior designers, and other engineers to create 2D drawings and 3D models using the latest version of AutoCAD. Students will be learning how to set up, create, and edit 2D drawings with the help of AutoCAD application after becoming proficient with the basic techniques for creating and navigating a technical drawing in the AutoCAD Course.

The Advanced Certification course in CAD Design aims to train its students on how to use the Autodesk AutoCAD Software in creating drawings and layouts of buildings, objects and other related engineering and architectural drawings. Upon completion of the Training, student will be able to make details and standards. Learn Autocad course in Jodhpur by Techfly institute.

Need of AutoCAD

  • After completing the AutoCAD Course, a certification gives good recognition for the candidates in the job market, easy and simple to learn, scope of AutoCAD training in industries is great that freshers will also get 100% job opportunities. Once they are good in AutoCAD course they absolutely get in any type of industries like IT, Ecommerce etc. highest paid salary for the AutoCAD professionals.

Content of AutoCAD

The Basics of AutoCAD

  • Exploring the AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Interface
  • Creating Your First Drawing
  • Setting-up and Using AutoCAD’s Drafting Tools
  • Organizing Objects with Blocks and Groups
  • Keeping Track of Layers and Blocks


Mastering Intermediate Skills in AutoCAD

  • Editing and Reusing Data to work efficiently
  • Mastering Viewing Tools, Hatches, and External References
  • Introducing Printing, Plotting, and Layouts
  • Understanding Plot Styles
  • Adding Text to Drawings
  • Using Fields and Tables
  • Using Dimensions

Mastering Advanced Skills in AutoCAD

  • Using Attributes
  • Copying Existing Drawings into AutoCAD
  • Advanced Editing and Organizing
  • Laying Out Your Printer Output
  • Using Dynamic Blocks
  • Drawing Curves
  • Getting and Exchanging Data from Drawings

AutoCAD 3D Modeling and Imaging

  • Creating 3D Drawings
  • Using Advanced 3D Features
  • Rendering 3D Drawings
  • Editing and Visualizing 3D Solids

Customization and Integration in AutoCAD

  • Using the Express Tools
  • Exploring Auto LISP
  • Customizing Toolbars, Menus, Line types, and Hatch Patterns
  • Managing and Sharing Your Drawings
  • Keeping a Project Organized with Sheet Sets


You can download full syllabus of AutoCAD Click Here.