Wordpress Training
WordPress Training Jodhpur

WordPress Training Jodhpur 

Techfly Jodhpur provides WordPress Training Jodhpur a new way of website development which is used for easy and fast design and developed a website, WordPress Training   Step-by-step learning of WordPress widgets followed by daily assignments help each student to self-evaluate before any WordPress CMS Training project work. combination of lectures and practical exercises in WordPress CMS Training armed each developer a confident skills which make easier their JOBs.We teach how to create a customized form and interaction with MySQL databases and publish it in plugin form. Managing Menus, Pages, Post, Reviews and CSS is part of WordPress CMS.

Objectives of the WordPress Training

  • Importance of the WordPress and its advanced features create, maintain and manage your own website or blog
  • How to insert audio, video, images into the website
  • Customization of the pages moderating comments on site
  • Learn the widgets create and share the content on the various platforms  and make money online

Pre-requisites of the WordPress Training

  • Basic knowledge over the Internet is enough
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and PHP
  • Qualified Candidate of Computer Literacy 

Who can attend this WordPress Training Jodhpur?

  • Anybody interested in WordPress Training
  • You don’t need any special “technical” knowledge to attend this course
  • Familiar with using the Internet
  • Website Builders
  • WordPress Developers
  • Blogger 

WordPress Training Course Content 

Overview of WordPress Training  

  • Introduction to Complete WordPress Course for Beginners
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Intro to WordPress and Content Management
  • WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Getting Started With WordPress 

  • Local Environment Setup
  • Installing WordPress
  • Admin Tour

Pages and Posts

  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Posts
  • Forms in WordPress
  • SEO and Meta tags

Plugins in WordPress

  • Portfolio Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Downloads

WordPress Themes

  • Downloading and Installing Themes
  • Theme programming Standards
  • Building a Theme- Part 1
  • Building a Theme – Part 2
  • Wrapping Up

Some Useful free WordPress Plugin

  • Contact form to create a contact form
  • Display Widgets to hide widgets on specified pages
  • All in one SEO plugin for WordPress SEO
  • Moving WordPress from Localhost to Live Server