Microsoft office is a suite of various Desktop applications and services like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Outlook, designed for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.Techfly is the best for M.S.Office Course Jodhpur. We are running M.S. Office course for a long-time. 

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A certification in Microsoft Office will depict your expertise in a unique Microsoft technology. This expertise is used to get all kinds of work-related or personal benefits. Also, the skills acquired will be helping you to make your work much easier and streamlined. Techfly is only the Institutes of M.S. Office Training center Jodhpur which offers you full course at a Low cost.  We provide high-quality learning courses like M.S. office, RSCIT, CCC etc.

Training in these applications enable executives to electronically build, gather, save, adjust, and communicate workplace information  which is necessary for completing fundamental business (and personal) activities.

Need of M.S.Office

  • Professionals who take advantage from this course are teachers, officers, auditors and accountants etc.
  • As per Microsoft servey, a Microsoft certified employee earns as much as 15% more than an uncertified co-worker. In fact, an entry-level employee earns as much as $16,000 more annually in high-growth industries.
  • These certificates will also help you to achieve greater productivity and perform complex tasks, therefore, making you eligible for salary hikes and promotions.
  • This course is especially popular among students because they recognise its importance and wish to choose a technology that helps them plana better career.

M.S.Office syllabus

Below is the MS Office course content in rajasthan  is used by The Techfly training center as part of the MS Office course training. The MS Office course syllabus covers basic to advanced level course contents which is used by most of MS Office training classes in Rajasthan .

Microsoft Office Word
1.Manage document options and settings
2.Manage documents and templates
3.Prepare documents for review
4.Manage document changes
5.Design advanced documents
6.Create advanced references
7.Create custom Word elements

Microsoft Office Excel
1.Manage workbook options and settings
2.Apply custom data formats, layouts & protection
3.Create advanced formulas
4.Create advanced charts and tables
5.Excel Dashboard

Microsoft Office Powerpoint
1.Create and manage presentations
2.Insert and format text, shapes and images
3.Insert tables, charts, SmartArt and media
4.Apply transitions and animations
5.Manage multiple presentations

Microsoft Office Outlook

  1. Manage the outlook environment for productivity
  2. Manage messages
  3. Manage schedules
  4. Manage contacts and groups

You can download full syllabus click here.