Drupal Training Jodhpur

Drupal Training Jodhpur

Build web complex applications

Drupal is an extraordinary powerful open source Content Management System to build data-driven websites and complex web portals. We are Providing Drupal Training in Jodhpur. Techfly computer institute has long-time experience in Drupal training and development. we train lot of students in Jodhpur on CMS. Drupal  is a power of millions of sites and is being hugely adopted by corporate houses, governments, universities and Fortune 500 companies across the universe. More than 10,000 add-ons available and even more designs, Drupal can do anything that you need.

Drupal Training in Jodhpur is parted into Basic to Intermediate & Advanced levels. You would learn how to install, configure, and build content-driven websites using Drupal as a base. You’ll learn the essential things of Drupal site setup and administration, content management and customization.

Why Need of learning Drupal

Drupal is one of the finest and most popular ways to build, manipulate & maintain a website. It is quite user-friendly, more powerful for small to a big website and web portals. As Drupal is Open Source CMS – Its ceaseless improved by thousands of peoples around the globe with all the latest security and web standards.

Many Government agencies are using Drupal, including whiteHouse.gov, and the National sites for countries like France and India.

Drupal CMS- Topics


  • Installation
  • Content creation(pages, stories)
  • building menus
  • working with blocks


User registration modes
  • Account creating, activation, blocking/unblocking, deletion
  • Invitations Module

Adding modules

  • Enabling search facility
  • Cron service execution
  • Setting up a contact form
  • Forum capability
  • Blog capability


  • Site maintenance
  • Automated update notification
  • Updating modules
  • Updating Drupal core

Working with URLs

  • Enabling clean-URL support
  • URL aliases
  • Using a global redirect module


  • Analyzing Drupal theme
  • Customizing existing themes
  • Writing new themes from the scratch

Rich Text-editing

  • Integrating FCKEditor
  • Role-based FCKEditor configurations
  • Configuring file manager


  • Understanding Drupal
  • Drupal Architecture
  • Drupal core components
  • Drupal Modules
  • Structure of the Drupal module
  • Creating and updating existing module
  • Disabling and uninstalling modules
  • What are hooks and how to use them?
  • Different type of Hooks
  • Implementation of custom hooks
  • Database interaction using Drupal’s API
  • Inserting, updating and Deleting Rows
  • Drupal forms API
  • Form creating, alteration and validation

Working with file uploads

  • Enabling file uploads
  • Upload directory organization
  • Upload file types and size limit configurations

Advanced content management

  • Content types
  • Using the content construction kit(CCK)
  • Taxonomy based content classification
  • Input formats
  • Triggers and actions.