Adobe After Effects course

Adobe After Effects course Jodhpur is used mostly everywhere for digital post production of televisions, corporate presentations, films, and web animations. This short-term certificate Adobe After Effects course Jodhpur provides a wide range of 2D as well as 3D tools used for motion graphics and VFX projects.Techfly is the best Institute for Adobe After Effects course Jodhpur. Where you find the actual atmosphere and well-behaved faculty. We are  running Adobe After Effects course Jodhpur for a long time at low cost. It is a most-ideal for video editing professionals, motion graphics & visual effects artists and even for graphics & web designers also. Students learn the foundation skills are needed to create exciting visual effects and motion graphics. After Effects course Jodhpur will wrap up significant topics like starting with the use of the interface, using layers, key frames, masking, and media management etc. You will also find an opportunity to explore the depth of this tool, inclusive of 3D effects and delivering your project for output purpose.

It is a very powerful tool for Motion Graphics and VFXs. Dynamic designs for broadcasts, websites, DVDs, and film productions are made with the help of After Effects. This After Effect Course Jodhpur is offered by one of the best animation institute Techfly in Jodhpur which will help students to master the concepts along with the features of the program. Many advanced features are added in the newest feature along with tips & tricks.

Students will learn the basics of key-framing in Adobe After Effects, Layers, Blending, Rotoscoping, Cameras, 3D Compositing, Nesting, and Pre-compositing at advanced level etc.Techfly is only the Institute which offers you Adobe After Effects courses Jodhpur full course at a reasonable cost.  We provide high-quality learning courses like Adobe After Effects courses, Adobe Premier Pro, RSCIT, CCC, M.S. office etc. 

Adobe After Effects course Jodhpur

Techfly is one of the institution to have VFXs courses in Jodhpur. We will help you to learn and use VFXs using after effects course Jodhpur. After having completed of the course you will have a clear picture of the techniques used in modern film making special scenes e.g. a car blows up into small pieces or a character making his journey between two planets. At Techfly we are always ready to help interested students to get high standards in after effects and become professional in this field and achieve a bright coming future.


Career Options : 

A person who has good command over after effects Can opt following position.

Motion Graphics Artists, Visual Effects Artists , After Effects Expert, 3D Visualizer, Presentation Artist etc.


Duration: 2 Months.


1 – Getting to know your workflow

  • Creating a project and importing footage
  • Creating a composition and arranging layers
  • Adding effects and modifying layer properties
  • Animating the composition
  • Previewing your work
  • Optimizing performance in After Effects
  • Rendering and exporting your composition
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Controlling the brightness of the user interface
  • Finding resources for using After Effects
  • Checking for updates

2 – Creating a basic animation using After Effects and Presents

  • Importing footage using Adobe Bridge
  • Creating the composition
  • Working with imported Illustrator layers
  • Applying effects to a layer
  • Applying an animation preset
  • Previewing the effects
  • Adding transparency
  • Rendering the composition

3 – Animating text

  • About text layers
  • Creating and formatting point text
  • Using text animation preset
  • Animating with scale key frames
  • Animating using parenting
  • Animating imported Photoshop text
  • Animating text using a path animation preset
  • Animating type tracking
  • Animating text opacity
  • Using a text animator group
  • Cleaning up the path animation
  • Animating a non text layer along a motion path
  • Adding motion blur
  • Exporting to Adobe Flash Professional CS5

4 – Working with shape layers

  • Adding a shape layer
  • Creating custom shapes
  • Incorporating video and audio layers
  • Applying a Cartoon effect
  • Adding a title bar
  • Using Brainstorm to experiment

5 – Animating a multimedia presentation

  • Animating the scenery using parenting
  • Adjusting an anchor point
  • Masking video using vector shapes
  • Key Framing a motion path
  • Animating additional elements
  • Applying an effect
  • Creating an animated slide show
  • Adding an audio track
  • Zooming in for a final close-up

6 – Simulating lighting change

  • Duplicating an animation using the pick whip
  • Animating movement in the scenery
  • Adjusting the layers and creating a track matte
  • Animating the shadows
  • Adding a lens flare effect
  • Animating the clock
  • Re-Timing the composition

7 – Working with masks

  • Creating a mask with the Pen tool
  • Editing a mask
  • Feathering the edges of a mask
  • Replacing the content of a mask
  • Adding a reflection
  • Creating a vignette
  • Adjusting the color

8 – Distorting objects with the Puppet tools

  • Adding a Deform pins
  • Defining areas of overlap
  • Stiffening an area
  • Animating pin positions
  • Recording animation

9 – Using the Roto Brush tool

  • Creating a segmentation boundary
  • Fine-tuning the matte
  • Creating a transition from the full clip to the foreground
  • Creating a logo
  • Animating text
  • Adding a background image
  • Adding Audio 

10 – Performing color correction

  • Adjusting color balance
  • Replacing the background
  • Removing unwanted elements
  • Correcting a range of color
  • Warming colors with the Photo Filter effect

11 – Building a 3D object

  • Brainstorm with key frames
  • Working with a null object
  • Working with 3D text
  • Creating a backdrop for 3D text
  • Nesting a 3D composition
  • Adding a camera
  • Completing the scene

12 – Using 3D features

  • Animating 3D objects
  • Adding reflections to 3D objects
  • Animating a camera
  • Adjusting a layer timing
  • Using 3D lights
  • Adding effects
  • Adding a motion blur
  • Previewing the entire animation

13 – Advanced editing techniques

  • Using motion stabilization
  • Using single-point motion tracking
  • Using multi point tracking
  • Creating a particle simulation
  • Re-Timing playback using the Timewarp effect

14 – Rendering and outputting

  • Creating templates for the rendering process
  • Creating templates for output modules
  • Exporting to different output media