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React.JS Training Jodhpur:- 

Techfly  launching most important newest technology like React.JS-(JavaScript Framework ) this technology is useful for Internship Training , React.JS Coaching, online training in Jodhpur, we are introduce this technology in short way- React is a open source Java Script Library that can be used to create interactive and responsive application. . It is often compared to MVC frameworks such as Angular, Ember and Backbone, however, React is distinct in its focus on the UI of the application (the View in MVC). Its unique approach to rendering highly interactive UI’s is both powerful and liberating and has led to React’s popularity.

 React.JS Training Objective:- 

Trainer will gain knowledge: 

  • Trainer understand how Single Page React application is different than traditional web development frameworks.
  • application code using new ES6 language features
  • Develop an application from scratch using React 16
  • trainer understand the benefits of unidirectional data flow
  • trainer understand and use React, React Router, Redux, Redux Saga and other popular libraries
  • Creating redux middleware with Redux saga
  • In the Application use styled-components to create presentational components (CSS in JS)
  • Unit test React components, redux using Jest, Enzyme and sinon
  • Implementing server-side rendering for SEO benefits and to reduce initial load times
  • Create, build, and deploy react applications to cloud

      React.Js Training Course Content 

       Session 1 – Introduction to ReactJS

  • History of front end libraries
  • Motivation for using React
  • Key differentiators (Virtual DOM, One way binding)
  • Thinking in React

       Session 2 – React Components

  • React component
  • Render function
  • Component API
  • Component lifecycle
  • State
  • Props
  • Mixins
  • JSX

       Session 3 – React internals

  • Reconciliation algorithm

      Session 4 – Component inter communication

  • Component composition
  • Pass data from parent to child
  • Pass data from child to parent

      Session 5 – Component styling

  • Radium
  • CSS Modules

     Session 6 – Unit testing components

  • Jasmine
  • React test utilities

      Session 7 – Performance optimizations

  • PureRenderMixin
  • Expensive DOM manipulations
  • Performance tools

Courses Duration:

45 – 60 Days of Thoery and Pratical Classes
( 2 Demo Class Free)

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