Java Script Training:-

Java Script Training Program running in TechFly,Jodhpur since year 2000. We have experts and professional faculties for Web & Application development.Java Script is Universally used as a Client Side Scripting Language for the web.Most of servers support this language by default.So it is open source and we can use with HTML.We can use Notepad text editor Or Notepad++ for coding & browser for testing. Java Script is one of the most independent, event-driven, interpreted programming language, it is also versatile, easy and effective language which is used to extent functionality of web.

Advantages of Java Script:-

1. Java Script is Client Side Scripting language.

2. JavaScript is independent, event-driven, interpreted programming language.

3. Java Script is relatively easy because It uses the DOM model that provides many of pre-written functions to the various objects on web pages making .

4. Java script codes executed on user’s computer, Any task of javacript on web pages are usually simple so as to prevent being a memory,it does not need to proceed results from server.

5.Java Script user’s have made customized libraries that make development easier.

Java Script Syllabus:-

  1. Java Script : Introduction
  2. Java Script Variables & Data Types rules.
  3. Expressions & Operators
  4. Flow Control
  5. Object & Arrays
  6. Define Functions.
  7. Constructors & Inheritance
  8. Pattern matching & Regular Expressions.
  9. Javascript in Browsers.
  10. DOM Document Object Model
  11. Input Output Commands
  12. Web Page Style by using JS & CSS.
  13. Handling Web Page events
  14. Script Table,Forms Creation.
  15. Project on Java Script.