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CodeIgniter Training Jodhpur

Techfly, Jodhpur providing CodeIgniter Training Jodhpur, CodeIgniter is a popular and most important MVC Frameworks Codeigniter Training to create web application with speed and easily. PHP-CodeIgniter Training jodhpur and Every framework having own specialty and they can help in  high performance & larger scale web applications development. Before the training let we introduce of most important MVC Frameworks Codeigniter Training.

“Framework” is a structure that developers can choose to build their web applications as per their demands & standard. It determines the structure of application and facilitates it and connects with many different API’s. Codeigniter developers to develop faster, efficiently and accessible PHP Web Applications .These frameworks are user friendly & that can also help in reducing PHP Coding. You want a framework with a small footprint. You need exceptional performance. You need broad compatibility with standard hosting accounts that run a variety of PHP versions and configurations. You want a framework that requires nearly zero configuration.

There are so many open source platforms available that enable a developer to develop a website & E commerce Application for free. Codeigniter is one of the most important platforms that allow you a free website and application development. It has become very popular among PHP web developers due to its various features. It is used to create robust web applications in PHP field. Those applications which develop on Codeigniter framework work fast and effectively due to its dynamic features.

Who can take this CodeIgniter Training jodhpur:-

Benefits of Using Codeigniter PHP Framework:- 

  • CodeIgniter offers PHP developer an easiest way to utilize modular programs and get the specific function through the framework. 
  • It is compatible with almost all platforms, Operating systems (Window, Linux ,Ubuntu ) and web servers (Tomcat, Xampp).
  • In-built libraries and resources of CodeIgniter help PHP developer to create a web application with high-end functionalities and additional features.
  • CodeIgniter framework helps programmer to create web application in a secured manner.
  • A developer can create both rear end and front end of application effectively with the help of CodeIgniter.
  • CodeIgniter offers hassle-free migration from server to server and easy customization and configuration of files.
  • CodeIgniter helps you minimize the amount of code needed to develop an application of PHP and let you focus on the project.

Course Content of Codeigniter Training Jodhpur :

Session 1 Initial Setup and Configuration Config Class, Database Config, Explanation of MVC Architecture
Session 2 First CI Application Loader Class, Libraries, Creating Static Pages, Creating First Controller, Model & View
Session 3 CodeIgniter URLs, URI Routing Passing Parameters in URLs,  URI Class
Session 4 Reserved Names  
Session 5 Auto Loading Functions  
Session 6 Form Handling Input Class, Form Validation Class, File Uploading Class, Security Class, Page Redirection
Session 7 Helper Functions Cookie Helper, Date Helper, Download Helper, URL Helper
Session 8 Database Database Configuration, Connecting to a Database, Running Queries, Generating Query Results, Query Helper Functions, Field Data
Session 9 Active Record Class Selecting Data, Inserting Data, Updating Data, Deleting Data, Method Chaining
Session 10 Session handling Session Class
Session 11  Email Class  Sending Emails using CI, SMTP, Google
Session 12 Image Manipulation Class Resize Image, Aspect Ratio
Session 13 Pagination Class Pagination of large data
Session 14 Caching  
Session 15 Cart Class Simple shopping cart example
Session 16 Encryption Class  
Session 17 User Agent Class Identify user agent and display browser specific view
Session 18 Zip Encoding Class Create Zip files, Unzip files
Session 16-20  Projects Given by the Center