Basic Computer Training in Jodhpur

Basic Computer Training is basic need  for every student & employee, It is not only compulsory for schools, colleges but also professionals and employees of companies have to learn certified basic course of computer. TechFly,Jodhpur providing training for fundamental concepts of computer hardware & software applications to our students.

Basic Computer Training

Basic Computer Literacy is very important tool for Today’s IT competitive world,computer literacy refers :-

1.How to use the Computer?
2.How to operate computer parts & programmes and how to use in effective manner?
3.What are the role of Computer Vocabularies?
4.How to Open & Save file?
5.How to use & operate MS-Word ?
6.How to use Internet?

Scope of Basic Computer Course:-

Today’s Competitive World, IT Sector is one of the most robust sector,It is most demanding sector in worlds economy not only for education purpose but also each & every sector of our economy.IT sector is a key driver of global economic growth.

Structure of Basic Computer Course:-

  1. Fundamentals of Computer
  2. Introduction of Hardware and software.
  3. MS Office Training.
  4. School Level Courses.
  5. College Level Courses.
  6. Employees Basic Computer Training.
  7. Internet Basic Learning Programme.

Basic Computer Training