ASP.NET Training

ASP.NET Training in Jodhpur

ASP.NET Training in Jodhpur. Techfly, Jodhpur having professionals & experts  for DOT NET training program.”ASP.NET is a technology for building powerful, dynamic Web applications and is part of the .NET Framework”. Active Server Pages (ASP), also known as Classic ASP, was introduced in 1998 as Microsoft’s first server side scripting engine. ASP.NET is new generation server scripting language it may include classic ASP also.

ASP.NET Training
ASP.NET Training Jodhpur

ASP.NET facilitate separation of code from HTML This makes it much easier for programming to collaborate efficiently. ASP.NET having a large set of user controls, XML-based components, and integrated user authentication.

Advantages of ASP.NET :-

1. ASP is Object oriented programming language it is support for compiled language also.

2. ASP.NET can separated from HTML & CSS, The .NET Framework provides class libraries that can be used for ASP.NET Applications.

3.Visual Studio .NET provides a Graphical user development environment for Web developers.

4.ASP.NET applications can be updated while the server is online and clients are connected.

5.Configuration settings in ASP.NET are stored in XML files that you can easily read and edit.

ASP.NET Programming Languages :-

  1. 1.VB. NET
  2. 2. C# (Pronounced C Sharp)

ASP.NET Server Technologies:-

  1. Web Forms (traditional ASP.NET)
  2. MVC (Model View Controller)
  3. Web Pages (with Razor syntax).

ASP.NET Development Tools:-

  1. Web Matrix
  2. Visual Web Developer
  3. Visual Studio

ASP.NET Syllabus :-

  1. • Standard Controls
  2. • Data Controls
  3. • Input Validations
  4. • Input Validations
  5. • Master Pages
  6. • State Management
  7. • Java Script
  8. • Ajax

So Techfly,Jodhpur having short term and long term both type facilities for ASP.NET Training.