3D Max Training Jodhpur


3D Max course jodhpur is software developed by Autodesk. This software offers a comprehensive 3D modeling, animations, rendering, and compositing solution for Architectural works, games, films, and motion graphics artists. It is occasionally used by Architects, Interior Designers, video game developers, many TV commercial studios and architectural visualization studios. It can also be used for movie effects and movie pre-visualization. In Architectural and Interior Designing we usually use this software for preparing 3D Models of Interior and Exterior Elevation. Some Industries are also using 3Ds Max for Furniture and Handicraft Designing.

Techfly is the best institute for 3D Max course In Jodhpur. Where you get the actual atmosphere and well-behaved faculty. We are  running 3D Max course for a long time at low costs. This 3Ds Max course takes the student through materials creation, objects modeling, animations, cameras, scenes generation, and many more things.

3D max course Jodhpur

We are focusing to develop students from the grass root level. The courses that we are offering are formed of the perfect ingredients for nurturing the creative minds. It’s more creative job than any technical endeavor. You will get to interact with our experienced faculties who bring with them years of industrial experience.The 3D MAX Course commences with the basic contents and its usage of various tools in designing. We advance through the shapes, usage of colours, producing reflection and then creating models. The students can grow their testimonials by creating innovative projects which can be  approved by our teaching staff and present it to the employers. In fact, this is the best 3Ds MAX institute in Jodhpur that they can receive.

Techfly is only the Institutes of 3Ds MAX institute in Jodhpur which offers you full course at a reasonable cost.  We offer high-quality learning courses like 3Ds MAX, Corel draw, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

Need of 3D Max

  • If you want to be 3D modeler, Texturing Artist, Lighting Artist, 3D Architect, Walk through Artist then this course for you. If you good at 3D max course  then you can be a part of these above fields.

Course Duration: 6 Months.

3D Max course jodhpur content

1- Interface


User Interface


Command Panel

Viewpoint UI Elements

 2 – Files & Objects

Scene File Manipulation

Simple Geometry Creation & Pivot Points

Object Orientation

Modifying Standard Objects

Selecting Objects

Organization of Objects in a Scene

3 – Transforms

Transform Tools

Transform Base Point

Coordinate Systems


Cloning Objects

Other Transforms

4 – Applying Modifiers

Concepts of the Modifier Stack



Collapsing the Stack

5 – Low-Poly Modeling

Objects and Sub-Objects

Sub-Object Levels

Smoothing Groups

Using Subdivision Surfaces

6 – Shapes

Shape Definitions

Basic Shape Creation Functions

Editing Splines

Adding Splines from a Shape

Segment Editing

Vertex Editing

Using Shape Modifiers

7 – Compound Objects


ProBoolean Operations


Scatter Tool

8 – Modeling Lab

Creating an Underwater Scene

9 – Animation Basics

2d vs 3d Animation



Auto Key and Set Key

Track View


Ease in / Ease out


Secondary Action


Follow-through & Overlapping

Squash & Stretch


10 – Hierarchies

Mechanics of Movement

Linking Objects

Schematic View


11 – Materials

Introduction to Materials

The Matrial Editor

Material Types

12 – Using Maps

Maps in Material Definitions

Map Types

Displating Maps in Viewpoint

Mixing Maps

13 – Mappings


Unwrap UVW

Render to Texture

14 – Cameras

Camera Types

Framing a shot

Camera Lenses

Camera Aspect Ratio

Camera Angles


The Moving Camera

15 – Lighting

Light Types

Lighting Techniques

Light Lister

16 – Working with V-Ray for 3ds Max

Installing and setting up V-Ray

Using the DMC Sampler

Understanding color mapping modes

Adding a spherical fill light

Working with the V-Ray Dome Light

Using irradiance mapping and Light cache

Creating diffuse color

Making reflective materials

Creating translucency

Controlling the V-Ray physical camera

Creating a motion blur effect

Compositing V-Ray element


You can full Syllabus of 3D max course Click Here.