PGDCA Course


It is a post graduate diploma level course. PGDCA is post graduate diploma in computer applications. Techfly is the best Institute for PGDCA course Jodhpur. Where you find the actual atmosphere and well-behaved faculty. We are  running PGDCA course for a long time at low cost.  PGDCA boosts up the career in the computer based jobsP.G.D.C.A course prepares a person as an assistant programmer or as a computer operator. See the clarifications to the common doubts coming for the students who are searching for PGDCA course details in different institutions like

PGDCA is a two semesters wise Post Graduate Diploma Course in Computer Applications programme. Students acquire both scientific and computer knowledge that would help them to find a job very easily in the present job markets. Professional computer knowledge is offered through PGDCA. This course together with MCA has the equivalent of doing engineering course, the only difference being it is a diploma course. But the job openings will be the same.

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The programme offers overall proficiency to the students in both hard and soft skills. Special stress is given on various developing software packages in Visual Basic, C, C++, Java and Oracle and also basic knowledge of Internet and e-Commerce. Keeping in the mind that rapid growth of IT and linearization of the economy, the programme is especially designed to enable the students to pursue a successful career in the field of IT.

Career opportunities In PGDCA course Jodhpur

  • Computer operator
  • Support lead
  • Administrator of application packaging
  • Network systems analyst
  • Database administrator etc.

Course Duration: Many universities offer this course in 2 semesters. The maximum course duration of pgdca course will range up to 2 years from a minimum of 1-year duration.

Techfly is doing PGDCA course via N.I.C.E. Institution. We are affiliated from N.I.C.E university.