Education Society

Education Society
somya shikshan sansthan

Introducing our-self  “Somya Shikshan Sansthan”, we are education society registered from Rajasthan government. Here we are helping residents of Rajasthan for improving the living standard and are also full-filling our responsibilities from last 3 years. Our goal & focus is to improve living standard and literacy. We are also having a computer education branch- “Techfly-IT Solution Training Jodhpur” working under us.


  • Improving the economic and social life of peoples of Rajasthan.
  • Speed up government activities.
  • The encouraging youth of Rajasthan for taking participation in sports activities and finding their talent and improving them.
  • Developing and protecting Artistic, Historical and Traditional Culture of Rajasthan.
  • Developing and protecting the environment of Rajasthan and working for the protection of natural resources.
  • Increasing public awareness and brotherhood and reducing the negativity from the citizens of Rajasthan.
  • We are helping in making better state and increasing economic resources of Rajasthan.
  • Helping for making developed state by all the possibilities such as- 
    • Encouraging mankind for employment resources
    • Providing magazines for public awareness
    • Holding seminars and fair
    • Encouraging youth for employment
    • Helping handicap people
  • Working for the health of residents of Rajasthan and providing medical camps.
  • Support for protecting animal and for giving medical facility and also for arranging forage.
  • Encouraging people for learning computer and modern technology.


Our Members


Shri Bhanaram s/o Shri Hanutram



Shri Chandra Singh Deora s/o Shri Munni Lal Ji

Vice President


Shri Sahi Lal Vishnoi s/o Shri Bhanaram Vishnoi



Sabana Parvin w/o Shri Gayasuddin Usmani



Shri Mangilal Vishnoi s/o Shri Bhanaram Vishnoi



Shri Bhupendra Singh Rathore s/o Shri Narayan Singh



Shri Sohan Lal Vishnoi s/o Shri Chogaram



Shri Divakar Sharma s/o Shri Ram Dayal Sharma



Shri Ravindra Sharma s/o Shri Ram Prasad Sharma



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