It is a very demanding tool not only for education but also in today’s Competitive IT world. So one of the most popular Institute is Techfly Institute Jodhpur, we have subject specialist experienced faculties for Computer Language Classes, We are providing professional training for various types of languages like C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Web Languages, Programming & Software Languages. Courses offered by tech fly are all around descriptive.

Computer languages are formal & digital languages, It designed for a group of instructions to communicate a computer, A digital computer plays their role for various tasks through different programming languages, computer languages can be used to express the instructions and algorithms to communicate & these languages can control the nature of machine or computer.

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These languages are specifically in numerical form that called hardware or machine languages. When Machine languages use for translation substitute process then it called assembly languages. Translation languages are known as high-level language, Machinery & hardware languages are known as low-level languages. Courselow-level is of very high quality.

Computer Languages can be divided into various types, these are as follows:-

  1. Programming & Software Languages.

  2. Web languages. (Example:-HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP.)

  3. Generation Based Languages

    A. First Generation :- Machine Languages.

    B. Second Generation: Assembly Languages.

    C. Third Generation: High level Languages.

    D. Fourth Generation:- SQL, Cold Fusion.

    E. Fifth Generation: Neural networks based languages.

  4. Procedure Oriented Languages:-

    Procedure Languages are used as structured method & problems dividing into small parts and solve into a structured format, Example:- COBOL, FORTUNE, ‘C’ Language. Courses offered are very crucial in tech fly. 

  5. Object-Oriented Languages: –

    These languages data type representing as data structures and define the results with properties. Example:-C++,JAVA & PHP.

  6. Education Oriented Languages:-

    These languages are based on many control and data structures of other contemporary languages. Example: – Basic, Pascal, Logo, Hyper table.

We are providing separate batches facilities for following Computer Languages Training for Courses offered:-

  1. Fox Pro

  2. Visual Basic

  3. ‘C’ Language

  4. C++ Language.

  5. Java Core

  6. Java Advance

  7. Dot net

  8. SQL



  11. PHP

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