Python Training in Jodhpur

Probably Tech fly is the  only Python Training Center in Jodhpur. Techfly providing you the training for this algorithmic language.Techfly also provides Django Training in Python.

First of all Python is the language for those who doesn’t have any programming experience.Python is also for whom who does not belong to programming environment.It is having great libraries for the programmer’s purposes.Therefore Python is used in many areas,Seems

Python Training JOdhpur
Python Training JOdhpur


Python Core Programming

Python Core Programming cover basic fundamentals of Programming. Furthermore students will learn how to do program in python.

  • Introduction to Programming Languages,Compilers,Interpreters & Debugging
  • Variables,Statements,Conditionals and Loops
  • Operators and Expressions
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Generators and Iterators
  • Functions
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Sets and Sequences
  • Input/Output
  • Exception Handling
  • Introduction to OOP and its implementation in Python 

Python Advanced Training

First of all Advanced training is for those who are familiar with core python fundamentals.Since everything in this module will require the previous knowledge of Python basics.So Students are advised to learn core python first.

Rather than focusing on theory students are advised to focus more and more on practicals.

  • OOP with Python
  • Data structures
  • Arrays vs Lists
  • Tkinter
  • PyGui
  • PyQt
  • SciPy,NumPy & Matplotlib
  • Requests Library

Website Development with Django

Since Django is the tool for the Python Programmers who want to make websites with Python.So we are here to provide an advanced level training in Python with web development.

Python Training
Python Training

Students will also find the need to learn core python while django development.Hence python core is the basic need to learn anything in python.So firstly students will learn Python Core and Web development fundamentals rather than learning django.



In addition we are also providing the Python training in Flask Development.Flask is also the tool used for Web Application Development.

Finally for any further details,feel free to ask us.