Visual Fox Pro is Data-Centric,Object-Oriented & Relational Database Programming Language.  It is fast developing reusable code.Fox Pro is easy in Data-Handling and interoperability. Visual Fox Pro is a great tool for building database solutions &Visual Fox Pro is a fully-developed data management application for end users.

A developer can write code to access a fox pro databases or as well as to connect to such databases as SQL & Oracle.Visual Fox Pro having auto-anchoring of controls, and improved image support & Personalize properties, custom editors, fonts, and color settings.

Visual FoxPro originated as a member of the class of languages commonly referred to as “xBase” languages, which have syntax based on the dBase programming language. Other members of the xBase language family include Clipper 

Visual Fox

Features of Visual Fox Pro Database :-

1.Visual Fox Pro flexible in nature to build all type of database solutions.

2.Fox Pro having extensible productive tools for programmer.

3.Fox Pro having easy and flexible data handling & it will supported new data types .

4.Visual Fox Pro is relatively easy to learn and fast for developing reusable code.

Course Guidelines:-

  1. Fox Pro Commands
  2. Fox Pro Data Types
  3. Numerical Functions in Fox Pro
  4. Creating A Program
  5. Input & Output Statements in Fox Pro
  6. Control Structures in FoxPro
  7. Creating menu in Fox Pro for Dos
  8. Journal Entry Program
  9. Ledger Creation & Posting Program
  10. Trial Balance Program
  11. Balance Sheet Program
  12. Simple Weekly Calendar Generation